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Data Steward

Job Category:
Technology Provider
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type:
Full Time/Permanent
Company Name:
St. Louis
Description: Job Description



Under direct supervision, the Data Steward is responsible for the execution and/or monitoring of Data Governance processes, and ensuring the firm adherence to Data Governance policy. This includes all aspects throughout the data lifecycle including documentation of data standards and data flows; data quality planning and testing; data access and Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and data retention.  The Data Steward works closely with Data Owners, stakeholders, IT and Information Security to ensure the firm is efficiently and effectively managing our data assets. 




  • Assists in development and documentation of data standards by providing data owners with guidance on creating and/or interpreting data standards.
  • Perform data quality checks and testing of critical data sets is intended to address “drift management”, where data quality might degrade through modifications after ingestion, or human-based quality issues during data creation.
  • Responsible for documenting and/or gathering integration and transformation rules based on data standards and models.
  • Profiles data (gather statistics about a data sets attributes) to seek opportunities for quality improvement, additional data uses, assess data risk, validate meta data, etc.
  • Manage Meta data by defining critical meta data based on business and operational needs, ensuring quality and availability.
  • Responsible for resolving issues that stem from the data including quality, consistency, inaccuracies, access or downstream impact of changes to data, standards, database schemas, etc.
  • Works with business users to develop reports from the data warehouse using the Firm’s standard business intelligence tool(s).
  • Assists Compliance and the Data Request Team with information and data requests including data queries, process documentation, data governance metrics and artifacts.
  • Gathers and create various data governance program reports including; Data Incident Metrics, Data Quality Metrics, Access Reports.
  • Confirms and maintains access rights established by the Data Owner. Works with access management group to provision and revoke access based on user role.

Required Skills


  • Bachelor's degree in IT or related field.
  • Minimum 5 years experience in data architecture and analysis or engineering function.  And 5+ years of hands-on data experience, with demonstrated increase in responsibilities over time.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office Suite. And Microsoft T-SQL for data mining purposes, Thomson BETA, Information Builders WebFOCUS.
  • Understanding of financial industry terminology and concepts. Knowledge of financial services, specifically wealth management.
  • Proven ability to quickly earn the trust of peers and key stakeholders; execute with limited information and ambiguity.
  • Possesses knowledge and expertise in data modeling and management techniques and strategies with the ability to navigate matrix organizations effectively. Technical expertise in data architecture principles and design aspects. Solid understanding of SQL Server.
  • Results-oriented, diligent, and works with a sense of urgency. Assertive, responsible for his/her own work (self-directed), have a strong affinity for defining work in deliverables, and be willing to commit to deadlines.
  • Excellent problem-solving and critical-thinking skills; balancing strategic alignment with technology roadmap and emerging industry trends with practical delivery.

Job Location
St. Louis, Missouri, United States
Position Type