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Data Architect

Job Category:
Technology Provider
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type:
Company Name:
Hire IT People Inc.
Int. type - Either Webcam or In Person.

Short Description:  MGCB is in need of a Data Architect to assist the agency in developing their data governance, data inventory, data classification, data cleansing, and ETL from 27 legacy applications to their upcoming Enterprise Solution. 

Complete Description:  The Data Architect will be responsible for establishing Policy, Standards, and Practices for Data Governance, Classification, Inventory, OpenData and Inter-Agency Sharing MOUs. Additionally, the Data Architect will oversee Data Cleansing, modelling and ETL between the 27+ legacy systems to the upcoming Enterprise Solution for MGCB.

The Data Architect will also be responsible for architecting data modernization, ensuring that Master Data and Core Data are defined from a business and technical perspective.  Working with the customer Chief Data Steward and program data stewards, the Data Architect will also be responsible for establishing best practices for Data Governance and building the customer-centric data glossary and change management workflows using standard data governance tools such as IBM InfoSphere Data Governance. 

The Data Architect will also be expected to work with the Enterprise Solution vendor to design Business Intelligence solutions based on the vendor's data models and BI solutions OR standard the state standard enterprise BI solution - Business Objects 4.1.  The Data Architect will assist the customer and technical teams to establish an enterprise BI portal using best practices and standard BI tools.

Ideal candidates will have a highly technical data background, but will have moved into a data-centric functional architect role and must have experience architecting LARGE data environments. Excellent customer communication skills are critical for this position.  

This position works directly with Deputy Directors, the Chief Data Steward, Program Data Stewards – all customer staff. Therefore, excellent communication skills and customer-facing experience are critical for all candidates submitted to this position.   On the technical side, they will work closely with the agency’s DBAs, Enterprise Architects and Application Architects.  The soft skills are as important as the hard skills to be considered for this role.  

MGCB is currently evaluating their options for this new enterprise solution. Currently, they run about 95% of their systems on Oracle 11g, and have one very small system running on SQL Server 2008 r2. Systems are based on Windows and Unix-Solaris operating systems.