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Data Steward Project Management

Job Category:
Technology Provider
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type:
Full Time/Permanent
Company Name:
Health Stream

Job description

Position Summary


The Data Steward is responsible for the management of critical data elements required to support cross-system reporting and infrastructure scalability. This specialist will inventory existing solution to evaluate opportunities for new processes, policies, guidelines and responsibilities for administering data. The Data Steward will work with Product Management, Content Integration, Development, Legal, Sales and Training to define data owners, business rules and support development of solutions to shepherd in new data products at HealthStream. This person will own and maintain the matching of millions of records across systems, including defining and implementing the process to update matches when needed. Initial focus will be on auditing and updating data in; however, project will scale to include data across subsidiaries and third party applications.


Essential Duties Or Responsibilities


  • Process Development and Improvement
  • Develop and implement process to identify and match unmatched HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) Institutions to Salesforce Accounts.
  • Work with Salesforce team to implement process to update matches including defining who is authorized to make these changes.
  • Develop process that addresses changes when hospital systems acquire or divest facilities to ensure accuracy.
  • Evaluate and improve data connections between Salesforce and HealthStream Learning Center (HLC).


    balance calculations.
  • Work with customers, Operations Managers and Specialists to evaluate hierarchy and impact on reporting. Make merge recommendations where appropriate.
  • Work with ETL teams to build and maintain bridge tables for products.
  • Work with Legal to modify contracts as needed.
  • Define business rules for over 500 products.
  • Work with Product Management and Sales to define usage from a business perspective.
  • Work with Content Integrations to understand the technical implications and requirements for reporting calculations. c. Work with Salesforce team to document business definitions and establish process for ongoing maintenance.
  • Work with Product Management to update customer and partner contracts based on business definitions.
  • Data Analyst
  • Evaluate key differences in license consumption reports and existing custom reports. Support sales, Data Integration, Business Intelligence, and Operations in communicating these differences to Customers on an as needed basis. Make recommendations back to the business of potential modifications to existing reports.
  • Proactively identify data clean up opportunities.
  • Serve as an advocate for clean Salesforce, HLC and third party data. Suggest data governance process, solutions and procedures.
  • Analyze large data sets to identify anomalies, opportunities for improvement and gaps in existing process.
  • Work with internal managers to refine data dictionaries, taxonomies and product categories.
  • When data and reports are questioned, analyze queries to identify differences and effectively communicate them to internal and external stakeholders.
  • Training and support
  • As the resident expert on alignment between systems, the Data Steward will serve as the first line of support for internal stakeholders using the License Consumption Dashboard Report.
  • Develop training to address common questions and maintain FAQs for the application.
  • Support Sales in communicating importance of accurate alignment across systems and communicate impact of hierarchy decisions.


Job Specifications




  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Business, Information Management, Healthcare Information, Computing, Mathematics, Statistics, or related fields
  • At least one year's experience of obtaining and interpreting business information as a data analyst, business analyst or strategic planner required
  • Exposure to Salesforce & Tableau reporting preferred. If no previous experience, must express interest in learning these tools




  • Analytical competencies are mandatory, including ability to extract, interpret, and analyze information and communicate results effectively
  • Ability to problem solve and use critical thinking skills to determine most likely match between Salesforce and Learning Management System
  • Process oriented and interested in leading the development of a new department and process that will transform our organization and how we manage content renewals.
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Excel pivot tables, vlookups and advanced formula creation required; experience developing reports using Salesforce, Tableau, MS SQL Server
  • Reporting Services (SSRS), Cognos, QlikView, MicroStrategy preferred




    • Plans and executes own activities with generally-defined goals and minimal supervision.
    • Comfortable asking questions and seeking additional help if needed to accomplish goals.
    • Able to work independently to analyze data with limited interaction with other departments
    • Detail and process oriented, committed to accurate data and effective system automation
    • Passionate about data-driven approaches to business problems
    • Excited about learning new technologies and participating in a collaborative environment
    • Eager to leverage strong critical thinking skills to address a significant business challenge
    • Accountability - Taking responsibility for one’s actions and the consequences that result from those actions.
    • Communication & Positive Presence - Listening attentively and respectfully; expressing thoughts and ideas effectively and concisely—both verbally and in writing. Exhibiting a pleasant attitude.
    • Collaboration - Cooperating and working effectively with others in the pursuit of common goals.
    • Critical Thinking - Using sound judgment, logic, and common sense to identify efficient and effective ways of approaching problems or new initiatives.
    • Adaptability - Being flexible and continuing to function effectively during times of change.
    • Continuous Improvement - Keeping an open mind; seeking new ideas and ways of doing things in order to streamline processes and increase client/customer satisfaction.
    • Planning & Organizing - Appropriately prioritizing activities, scheduling time, and utilizing resources in order to complete tasks in an efficient and timely manner.
    • Work Ethic - Setting high standards for one’s work; taking care to ensure all aspects of work are completed accurately.
    • Customer Service - Treating clients/customers with a high level of respect and taking action in order to meet or exceed expectations and resolve problems.