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Data Analyst

Job Category:
Technology Provider
Career Level:
Mid Career (2+ years of experience)
Job Type:
Full Time/Permanent
Company Name:
Loot Crate
Los Angeles
Description: Data Analyst

As a Data Analyst at Loot Crate, you will be responsible for helping users at Loot Crate make evidence-based decisions by providing and helping them understand key metrics around their business areas.


  • Create and maintain self-service systems that allow business users to view important data related to their areas of responsibility, and assist business users in retrieving data that is not readily available to them through already established self-service systems.
  • Help business users understand data by providing insights and analysis which frame the data in a business context.
  • Provide voice into data warehouse architecture from an analyst perspective, and assist in onboarding other analysts on our internal tools and data warehouse.


  • Work with product owners to determine regular data needs and ensure that these are met through self-service solutions.
  • Continuously evaluate and improve on the business intelligence technology stack.
  • Stay up to date on the goings on of the business and anticipate user data needs.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a highly quantitative field such as Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, or Computer Science
  • Two years in a role requiring full-stack solutions for business questions (end to end creation of a deliverable which may involve gathering requirements, partner management, data extraction, report creation, and presentation).
  • Proficiency in SQL.  Additionally, proficiency in one or more scripting languages which have data science libraries (R, Python, Julia, etc.) is a plus.